Q&A with Kerryn Roberts

Q&A with Kerryn Roberts, Project Financial Manager at Australian Unity and Free Community Ride participant in the Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane. Where do you live in Brisbane? We live in the Brisbane suburb of Windsor but have only lived there for about two years, having moved up from Adelaide. Windsor is a great location … Read more

Q&A with Kate Phillips

Q&A with Kate Phillips, heart and double lung transplant recipient and 110km Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane rider. Which distance are you riding in this year’s Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane? This year I am riding in the 110km distance. I usually ride as a team with my brother and some of my friends.   Since … Read more

Q&A with Jackie Wootton

Q&A with Jackie Wootton Which distance are you doing?  Originally the 110km, but after a netball injury resulting in a ruptured ACL and torn meniscus, I pleaded with my physio to help me get to a point where I can do the 30km so I can still participate. Who do you train with or do … Read more

Q&A with Team CVMT

Q&A with Team CVMT (Cardio-Vascular Molecular & Therapeutics) at The Common Good Which distance are you doing?  The 5 of us in the lab are covering all of the distances from 30km to 100km. Who do you train with or do you prefer to ride solo?  We are a mixed bunch with some of us … Read more

Q&A with Dr Andrew Haymet, Vascular Surgical Registrar & PhD Candidate, with support from The Common Good

Q&A with Dr Andrew Haymet, Vascular Surgical Registrar & PhD Candidate at University of Queensland/Critical Care Research Group, with support from The Common Good “The thing about cycling is it’s unique because it’s one of those things you can do as fast or as slow as you like – short of falling off, you can … Read more

Local legend Zac Esso training for the 60km Medio, his first long-term goal after a lifesaving heart transplant

Zac Esso was a regular teenage boy. He played cricket, football, rugby, soccer, ran cross country, and track & field. He was school house captain, played music and went to the state honours ensemble program. Late one night, his Mum called the Home Doctor Service to treat a bout of tonsillitis for Zac. As he … Read more