Winners Sports Nutrition are proud to be the Official Nutrition Partner of the Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane 2023.

Winners energy products have been developed specifically for cyclists and are used and recommended by cycling champion Cadel Evans.


Winners are offering a 10% discount from for all riders participating in Tour de Brisbane 2023.

Use the coupon code ‘TDB2023′ at checkout.

5 Nutrition Tips for the Tour de Brisbane

  1. Aim to consume 30 – 60g of carbohydrate per hour of riding.
  2. Eat and drink consistently on the ride. Set your watch alarm to go off every 20mins as a reminder.
  3. To ensure your carbohydrate stores are full, consume a carbohydrate rich snack 15-30 mins before the start. Good options include a Winners Sustained Energy Bar or a banana.
  4. Prepare food to eat post ride and boost recovery. 15- 30 mins after a ride the body can replace energy stores at 150% the normal rate.
  5. Remember to always test your nutrition plan in training prior to the ride. 

Key Periods for Nutrition

Pre Ride
Fuel and Hydrate

Aim to eat foods high in carbohydrates and taper training in the days leading up the ride.

On the Bike
Maintain Energy Stores

Refuel with high carbohydrate foods every 20 mins during a ride to effectively reduce fatigue.

Refuel and Repair

Eat foods with carbohydrates and protein immediately after a ride, to replenish energy stores and repair muscles.

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