Ride and raise funds
to save lives

Our brilliant researchers are dedicated to improving those people’s lives and giving them more precious moments with their families. But to make life-changing medical breakthroughs, our researchers need funding that is ongoing and sustainable.

That’s why we need your help.

It’s people like you – mums and dads, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, and friends – who power these discoveries.

By raising $48, you can help to fund 1 hour of medical research

Those 60 minutes could include that light bulb moment that changes the prognosis for patients with chronic conditions now and in the future.

Please help us to power more of those light bulb moments for our researchers and provide more hope for those patients and their families.

When you support medical research, you're supporting projects like..

Transplanting Donor Hearts

Enabling hearts to be transported recordbreaking distances across the country to save more lives.

Redesigned ICU bed spaces

A redesigned ICU environment that improves patient rest and recovery while improving patient mental health.

Treatments for Silicosis

A worldfirst initiative to tackling occupational lung disease to improve the health of our nation’s tradies.

We need to support 1,500 hours of research through the 2024 Tour de Brisbane event to enable our researchers to continue their life-saving work into transplants and transplant related conditions.

Crucial funds to support...


Drug development research to prevent heart failure, with the hope of reducing the reliance on heart transplants


Increasing the quantity of viable organs to ensure that more people who need a transplant can receive that precious gift


Improving the success rates of organ transplants and reducing transplant rejection

When you support The Common Good, you are helping researchers reach medical breakthroughs.

The Common Good is an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, established to help people live healthier for longer. The researchers we support dedicate their time to making breakthroughs because they want to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. They say it’s the solutions they find that may help others that keep them going.

The journey to reaching medical breakthroughs is not a fast or easy one. It has many ups and downs and can span years.

We aim to sustain the work of our incredible researchers over this time because every hour could mean they’re taking another step towards a medical breakthrough that may go on to change – or save – lives.