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MASS Recreation Gran Fondo7:45am
Community Ride8:27am


In accordance with the latest guidelines from Queensland Health, the following measures will be in place to ensure the safety of all participants, volunteers, crew, and spectators at the Tour de Brisbane.

  • On arrival to the Brisbane Showgrounds, all attendees must wear a mask and check in using the Queensland Check In App. 
  • On Sunday, all riders must sign in using the Queensland Check In App and wear a mask before entering the marshalling area on Gregory Terrace. 
  • All riders will be given an additional disposable mask in their participant pack. 
  • Riders must wear their mask at all times when physical distancing is not possible in the marshalling area on Gregory Terrace. 
  • After the ride commences riders may remove their mask, but this must be kept with you along the ride. 
  • Based on current guidelines – riders are not required to wear their mask on the ride; the event will follow all recommendations given by Queensland Health, with updates sent by SMS.


CAMS Cycling Collective, 25 King Street, Bowen Hills

Will be open on Sunday from 5am til 9am with:

  • a mechanic for any last minute minor issues,
  • ride nutrition for sale,
  • water bottles, spares and accessories for any last minute purchases.

Their adjoining café, Musette will also be open from 5am for your caffeine needs!

Sunday 4 July – 5.00pm

This morning at dawn we completed inductions for erections crews on the Western Freeway/ICB, and Southbank. The courses are looking great but require some sweeping and a few pot hole repairs after last week’s rain. For our local riders, please report in any holes on course.

An SMS has been sent to our participants in the Fondo rides for the safety briefing this evening at 7.00pm. We expect this will take around 20 minutes and look forward to seeing everyone at 6.55pm via teams link. Beer and wine as you watch are welcome.

 Click here to join the meeting.

Race Director

Friday 2  July 2021 – 1.00pm

Just a brief update on our planning for the Tour de Brisbane next weekend.

We remain committed to delivering the event and our event plans remain on target, though obviously the evolving COVID issues are slowing our implementations and impacting our workforce.

We have moved from an ‘on-hold’ status to a ‘proceeding’ status following this morning’s announcement by the Premier.

We have some reservations regarding the local restrictions regarding masks and physical distancing; and we are working to have these clarified via the Department of Health. We are also working with AusCycling and the Sport and Recreation Department to confirm mask requirements whilst competing.

We are hopeful that the Brisbane lockdown is unwound tomorrow morning.

All contractors and suppliers are working with us under these unusual times.

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome tomorrow for our event and our Brisbane community.

Race Director


Cyclists Symposium

We have scheduled a ‘Cyclists Symposium’ with Race Director Mike and Event Manager Kevin on Wednesday night to answer any questions from riders in person.


Tuesday 29 June 2021 – 1.30pm

Following the Premier’s announcement this morning, we would like to confirm with our riders, volunteers, community and stakeholders that the Tour de Brisbane is continuing to take all necessary steps to safely deliver the event on 11 July.

We hope and trust that with the announcement of a three day lockdown this morning, the risk of additional cases will be diminished as we progress into the event next week.

Our existing COVID contingency plans included the possibility of a snap lockdown and we stand ready to give riders a great ride on the other side.  We have today consulted with Queensland Police and Queensland Ambulance to reaffirm this position.

Entries will not be closed on 30 June as previously advertised and will be left open until late next week to allow for riders who wish to wait for more certainty.

The next update on the Tour will be made by COB Friday 2 July.

Race Director


Monday 28 June 2021 – 2.00pm

Good afternoon cyclists,

On behalf of the entire Tour de Brisbane team, I wanted to provide an update in response to the current COVID-19 situation in the southern States and Territories in the emerging local environment.

The unfolding of COVID-19 again for some of our participants is upsetting to say the least, and our hearts go out once again to those impacted.

The Tour de Brisbane continues its final phase of implementation, and no doubt those local to the course will see signage installed, roads being updated, and infrastructure and goods arriving.

Our entire team of volunteers, officials and suppliers are determined to deliver the 2021 event on 11 July within the Queensland and Commonwealth Health Guidelines.

Masks have been purchased for every participant in the marshalling area, and extra cleansing teams are contracted for the site. Further health contingency plans are also being activated to ensure a safe experience for all.

With less than two weeks to go there are three priorities:

  1. Complete the course risk assessment metre by metre and brief our Crews onsite each day.  Our Event Manager Kevin’s efforts to both design the course and manage the complexities are noteworthy and now this operational knowledge is being transferred to contractors, and the 12 zone crews.
  2. We are continuing the communication with Brisbane’s 2 million residents and businesses who live on or nearby to the 110km closed road course. We have a substantial telephony and digital communication team creating bespoke access plans, rerouting public transport and working through individual requirements.
  3. Our third priority is to recruit the lost workforce and contractors, given those who now cannot visit Queensland. There are 600 persons required across Brisbane and we now have several gaps to fill.

The next update on the Tour will be made by COB Friday 2 July and I am certain what I am telling you today will continue to evolve over the next few days.

We have scheduled a ‘Cyclists Symposium’ with myself and Event Manager Kevin on Wednesday night (June 30) from 7.00pm-7.30pm to answer any questions from riders in person.

Yours in cycling,

Mike Crawley, Race Director